Korea – May/June 2012 – {Part 2}

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Korea. One of the longest trip which J and I travelled together. It was fun, because we know each other that well, and hence, we could make each other laugh and feel lovey-dovey the entire trip.

We aren’t cam-whores, and hence, we do not have many photos together, even though we have been together for close to 5.5 years. However, when I looked through our Korea photos, I managed to find a few very random, obviously cam-whored photos. Whee! :)

Here are the photos:

Taken near the Gyeong Bok Gung Station, where there was an art exhibit. It was after the visit to the palace. I was having very bad backache the entire first-half of the trip due to hormones, so I was constantly looking for a place to seat and rest my back. It didn’t help that in Seoul, there are more stairs than escalators. And, our hostel was right up a slope. Tired bones, oh tired bones. (The only other time when I ached so badly was in Florida with Rach and all, which was about 3-4 years ago!) 

This was taken in an optical shop somewhere near one of the universities. I think it was the Hongik University? Jacq was buying coloured contact lenses and they were really cheap there! We cam-whored while waiting for her to communicate with the shop’s staff. I love my attire for the day – a butterfly print on silk, and a cotton skirt. Paired with  a mustard bag and lots of bangles. All bought in Seoul. Now, that’s one city I can find chic and cheap fashion. That’s LOVE. 

This one is now my desktop wallpaper. It’s taken on a bus in Jeju Island. I think we were on some bus to the Teddy Bear Museum. Obviously, we missed the stop and had to take the cab back. It’s quite a funny experience, because the place we alighted was so far from the previous stop (the museum), and while attempting to walk there, we realised that that part of the island seemed quite empty and forgotten. 

All couples do that cam-whore thing, don’t they? It’s to show off how perfect we look together, and how much we are in love with each other. Or maybe to brag about how many gazillion places we have been on dates together. Ha. Or maybe just for our own memories. 

One last photo – taken by him of me.

It’s some roadside ice cream stall, and I ordered a cup (too huge, and soft-served) while the rest ordered bubble tea from the neighbouring shop. Got to take the photo, because I will be back!! 

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Korea – May/June 2012 – {Part 1}

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It has been a trip that says all about love at first sight.

I never did expect myself to love South Korea – I think of it like Taiwan, which isn’t high on my favourite-destinations list. I agreed on that trip because J likes it, and because the rest of our travel companions love it too. And there I go, a trip to the land of powerful electronics, beautiful skin and delicious bbq.

This post is just going to be on the cafes in South Korea – they are aplenty. They are everywhere, dotted especially close when you near a university district. They are varied, not just your usual Starbucks and what-have-you-chain-coffee-shops. They are my favourite place to chill on my own, while the rest continue their quest to buy home the entire Korea.

I don’t have a favourite, even though Krispy Kreme is a must-go, and Paris Baguette’s cheese souffle is a must-try. I don’t even have photos of all the cafes I have stepped into and all the food which I have ordered. But the cafe culture there is awesome. I just wish it could be the same in Singapore!

Here are some photos for memories-sake:

Paris Baguette. It’s going to open in Wisma Atria in Singapore, or has it already? It’s pastries are yummy – the cheese souffles are so good they sell out in the early afternoon everyday. I hunt them down every single day. Not much luck though. 

A very cute-sy cafe located just at the start of Cheonggyecheon Stream. I can’t remember the name, but it’s distinct with it’s cute teddy bears and line drawings. Artisee, if I am not wrong. I love their hot matcha latte. They also have yummy chocolate bars and macarons. 

This one here is a cafe in Jeju island, which is about a street or so behind our inn. I was sick with a stomach bug that day, so I woke up really late. J and I went out for brunch, as well as some fresh air, and we spotted this. Their sandwiches are yummy! There’s something with the vegetables in Korea – always so perfect, crispy and sweet. They also have cheese pretzels, which honestly, aren’t that great. They serve their tea in a ‘pissing’ pot, which amused bumpkins like us. 

Note to self: Time for another Korea trip to enjoy more cafes and chillax afternoons!

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{Sponsored} A Movie Experience With The Dark Knight Rises And Domino’s

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In conjunction with the latest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, Domino’s started a campaign whereby fans were able to get their hands on the specially commissioned, limited edition, The Dark Knight Rises glass with purchase of The Dark Knight meal.

Customers can get a free limited edition glass with every The Dark Knight Rises meal purchase for only S$25.00 and save up to S$11.40! It is available for a limited time and while stocks last. The meal includes 1 regular first class pizza, 1 garlic cheese onion rings, 1 twisty bread or chocolate lava cake, and of course, the free glass. To order this meal online, or check out other deals and offerings by Domino’s, click here now.

The 6 weeks of campaign was a blast, and to celebrate the success of this collaboration, Domino’s kindly invited their pizza fans and bloggers to a movie treat! No prizes for guessing which movie it was. :)

 I brought along J for the movie, and we were so excited to watch it! We both read and heard rave reviews of the show, and now, it’s finally our turn to watch it.

It was great, but made better because we both got a goodie bag from Domino’s consisting of that limited edition The Dark Knight Rises glass, movie posters (yay!), and a voucher for a free regular pizza at Domino’s. The pizza voucher topped the night, because we ate a bad dinner, and we just can’t wait to eat Domino’s!

If you still do not know about Domino’s, it’s about time you try it. It’s from the States, and Singapore is their 67th market worldwide. They use 100% mozzarella cheese and top their pizzas with high quality meats and the fresh ingredients, so every bite is yummy and flavorful. Also, they make pizzas fresh upon order, so it’s not the microwaved-nonsense you get from some places. They also do not add any extra charges for delivery, ERP or GST. Best of all, if you are hungry, it’s great to know that they have a 30-Minutes Delivery Guarantee! Read more here.

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My love and I

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On Sunday, we celebrated our 63rd month of relationship. We don’t usually take couple photos (we both prefer to be behind the lens), but with my new easy-to-use-and-look-great Samsung compact camera, we took a few shots together.

I am loving my ultra-messy, but colourful and cheerful bedroom. I will surely miss it when I move out!

Look at his ultra-big grin! 

Love really takes you by surprise, doesn’t it? 5 years ago, when I met him, I didn’t know that I will fall in love with him. I didn’t know that I will love him so much that I am going to promise to love him for the rest of my life. I didn’t know that without the all the heart-wrenching, big-arguments moments that are always seen on movies, our relationship can still blossom perfectly.

It’s not to say that we haven’t been through hell, because yes, we have been there. But I know for sure one thing, and it’s that he will always continue holding my hand, no matter where I wander to, no matter where I wish to go. And that to me, is pretty damn romantic enough.

I love him. You don’t know how much. 

On a side note, this is my new and cheap top from H&M Singapore! The queue was so long I didn’t bother to try it out. Thankfully, it fits. That’s spontaneity for the win.

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Hello Kitty Mania

Jul 19, 2012 by
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I love dogs more than cats, with the exception of Hello Kitty, the world’s most-loved kitty with no mouth!

My relationship with Hello Kitty started back when I was a young girl. I remember my dad buying me Hello Kitty products whenever he is in Japan for business. My friends also did give me cutesy Hello Kitty gifts.

Many years on, my love for it is still as strong.

Look at my latest additions to my collection:

Cute, aren’t they? :)

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