{Ad} Christmas gifts from My Life Store

Dec 21, 2011 by
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{1} Naturelle D’Orient Silky-smooth Body Cream (Orange Blossom); 200ml; $80.25 – For the boss

{2} Essence Vale Rose Otto Essential Oil; 2ml; $105.93 – For mom

{3} Sundari Gulkand Scented Candle; 6oz.; $83.46 – For the hostess of the extravagant Christmas party

{4} SpaRitual Shooting Star Nail Lacquer (Twinkle collection); 5ml; $13.91 – For the chirpy colleague

{5} Sundari T-Zone Oil Control Treatment; 30ml; $85.60 – For the teenager brother

{6} SpaRitual Knowledge Nail Lacquer (In Pink collection); 15ml; $26.75 – For the BFF

{7} Naturelle D’Orient Argan Oil (Face, Body and Hair Care); 50ml; $69.55 – For the one who has everything

{8} VitaMan Face Moisturiser; 150ml; $70.62 and VitaMan Face Scrub; 150ml; $55.64 – For the boyfriend

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{Ad} Christmas Flash Sale – 20% off and free delivery!

Dec 21, 2011 by
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Guess what? My Life Store is having a very rare 20% off storewide sale, with free local delivery! Use codes XMAS2011 for 20% off and XMASSHIP2011 for free local delivery.

Go get your last minute Christmas gifts now! :D

I will compile my gift choices in a post tonight, so stay tuned!

 My Life Store is an online store based in Singapore. The team believes in the concept of wellness, and they want to share this enthusiasm with everyone. In mylife-store.com, you can find quality products for your lifestyle needs. Many of their products are not only luxurious, but also made with natural ingredients, making them gentle for you and the Earth. 

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1 week to Christmas!

Dec 18, 2011 by
in Life as it is

Guess what?

It’s one week to Christmas! :D

December really has a personality different from other months – so relaxed, so joyful and simply so warm.

I love it. I look forward to December every year; it makes the rest of the 11 months so bearable.

It is the month of treasured meet-ups with friends. I have met some lovely friends already, and I can’t wait to meet more of them over the next 2 weeks.

And then, it’s also a great time for shopping. Sales, gifts and treats-for-myself. Need more reason to open the wallet and have some retail therapy?

This is also a month of wishes and hopes. Satisfied sighs for the happenings throughout the one year, and hopeful wishes and resolutions for the next.

Christmas-sy food and drinks, anyone?

Everyone’s so happy. I can’t help but want this month to last just a bit longer.

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This season…

Dec 14, 2011 by
in Life as it is, Oh the things of beauty

Nothing much, just want to be simple. Yet, sparkle.

Dress by Dorothy Perkins. Nail colour from Essie’s latest collection. 

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Hello Kitty facial products

Dec 13, 2011 by
in Life as it is, Oh the things of beauty

Last week, I was shopping at Watsons for some necessities and then I came across a shelf filled with Hello Kitty products. Facial products included!

They were so cute, so I decided that the hello kitty fan in me must own a few of them.

I got some Hyaluronic Acid Whitening & Moisturizing sheet masks and a tub of Hyaluronic Acid Gel. The masks are from SexyLook, and originate from Taiwan while the gel is by Rosette and originates from Japan.

I haven’t tried either products, and even though both carry the original Sanrio seal (making them legit Hello Kitty products), I have to say that I am slightly skeptical about them. Too cute to be real good. On top of that, sodium hyaluronate, the ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, isn’t even the first three ingredients listed on the gel’s ingredient list.

But they are at prominent locations on my dresser, so, I am enjoying every cent of my eye candies! They cheer me up every day!

Share, will you buy cute facial products?

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