Younger skin, anyone?

Apr 4, 2012 by
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Friends have been commenting that my skin looks younger, and hence, I look younger.

Honestly, I haven’t noticed that, but I do agree that my skin has behaving great!

And yes, I have made changes to my skincare regime, which may have caused this turn-back-time effect. I have swapped from using my favourite counter brands (non-natural) to using natural skincare brands, such as Jurlique and L’Occitane.

I am very into incorporating natural goodness into my daily life now – aromatherapy candles, pretty diffusers, herbal and floral skincare, and all that. Not the cheapest lifestyle, but staying young and young-at-heart is an investment!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a mini Jurlique spree while shopping alone after having dinner with J’s family at VivoCity. Frankly, they were overpriced at the Tangs counter. But the samples they were giving out with purchases were too good to say no to. (I’m a sample-freak, I love collecting them, but I hardly use them!!!) So, I bought some products and I got these:

They were ALL FREE (except for 4 items) okay? I blame Jamie for influencing me. She showed me her haul + free samples, and my heart told me that I needed to get them too.

Early this year, I also bought the Rosewater Mist, and after my recent haul, I decided to do Jurlique family potrait. LOL.

Cute right? Even J agrees.

I will do up product reviews soon! Have been using new makeup as well, so there’s quite a lot of info lined up at this space.

Recently, I have also purchased new gym shoes and attire. It’s about time I start hitting the gym and start jogging regularly again. I remember, 5 years ago, when J and I first got together, I was one healthy gal. I jogged with him (I could do countless km at that time), gym with him, and even beat him at swimming. But shit happened, and I have given up my healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get it back, for health is wealth.

And there is never a better time than this.

(Apologies for the grainy pictures – they were taken using iPhone 3GS – I am sorry I am not changing my phone because nothing better is launched yet.)

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Sweetie pie

Apr 2, 2012 by
in Life as it is

Hi  everyone, this is Baby Dylan. He’s my cousin’s son, which makes him my nephew. He’s going to be 6 months old soon, and he’s one cute sweetie pie.

Cute chubby cheek and sharp chin…. looking awesome!

Dylan has the softest skin ever, and the secret? He uses a particular L’occitane product. Hip anot? (I first tried it on him to help calm the red patches on his face, and it worked wonders!)

He likes to bite on things, and one of my care bear’s foot nearly got bitten this way! He also likes wriggling towards things he thinks he can EAT. That’s one foodie for you!

If you think he’s cute too, please vote for him at this baby contest! Click HERE.

I can’t wait for all my cousins and what-not to get married and have more sweetie pies for me to dote on!

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We went for a luxurious staycation

Mar 29, 2012 by
in Because love ♥, Footprints on earth, Life as it is

On the 2nd weekend of March this year, we took an impulse staycation! It was relaxing, and very very pampering for the soul.

The hotel we stayed in was the Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore.

We chose that because it’s convenient – a bus ride / mrt ride away to different places we needed to get to during that weekend, because it’s near to good and cheap food – think Liang Seah Street, Bugis Village, Illuma, etc. and because it claims to be Peranakan-styled – something we thought was interesting and different from normal, sterile, high-end hotels.

To top it off, we selected their shophouse rooms. They are supposed to be more Peranakan than the rest, and they are on level 2. Sounds unique? Well, it’s just their way to sell off those low level rooms without a view, in my opinion. But, the room we got was impressive. Plus, we got our room with Club benefits attached. Just a nice touch of added luxury (with higher cost, obviously).

No view, yea, but it didn’t bother us because we weren’t looking for one. In fact, our view was the back alley of Bugis Junction office tower. If we have friends downstairs (public alley!), we could open the windows and chit chat, just like that! Everything in the room was nice and clean, because it’s a newly furbished room. Very comfortable with a I-can-sleep-all-day fluffy bed, a huge selection of pillows (even pregnancy pillow!), a very large TV, and a lovely couch with lots of cushions. The bathroom was clean and nice too, even though I didn’t fancy their choice of bathroom amenities (too strong a smell!). Bathroom cleanliness is like the most important factor for me, so this one is surely 5/5.  Read more…

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I love cupcakes. Period.

Mar 27, 2012 by
in Flavours and aromas, Life as it is

It’s not a secret that I have a sweet tooth. It seems to get sweeter with age.

These days, I tend to have at least a box of cupcakes in my fridge every week. It’s that bad. My sweet cravings – always satisfied.

Some weeks ago, I jumped at the chance of being a taster for heychocolat bakeshop. They are an online chocolate dessert store. I think I have ordered from them long ago. Very delicious chocolate cupcakes. So, when they asked for people to sample their new creations for free, I signed up for it. :D

And I got 4 yummy cupcakes from Joanne! The Hazelnut Praline, the Rocky Road, the Banana Chocolate and the Cookies and Cream. She even packed them with cute blue paper and hence every cupcake stood out.

They were super scrummy, and I almost couldn’t decide which one I like best! But anyway, the icing ROCKS. I am an icing fan, and if I say it rocks, it really rocks. :>

Can’t wait for them to launch the new flavours so that I can order for special occasions!

Most other weeks, I either purchase my cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes or Cupcake Engineer because they are at very convenient locations for me.

Last week, I bought from Dessert Cup instead! It’s because they held an Easter stall at Taka. Their cupcakes are bigger than normal cupcakes, and I eat them with a teaspoon straight out of the cupcake cup. Some of their cupcakes come with huge-assed icing, so it’s <3 for me.

I can’t wait to go on my next cupcake spree again. Think moist cake with delish icing. Hmmmmmm… that’s pure indulgence.

That’s about it for today. Share with me if you know of other fab cupcake places!

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Updates to appear soon

Mar 23, 2012 by
in Nothing much

I haven’t been doing proper blogging for a long time. And I can only blame it (weakly) on my busy schedules. It has been hectic for some time.

I miss blogging.

I miss recording down my everyday life. I miss taking photos, editing them and showing them off, even though they aren’t great. I miss sharing the things I do and the products I bought.

I am going to make a comeback! Recently, I have spent quite some dollars on skincare products (been limiting makeup for better skin). Shall share and review them soon. ;) Will also be sharing some iPhone photography. I hope to start using my Lumix again soon!

Stay tuned to this space.

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