Been another long while…

Mar 17, 2014 by
in Life as it is, Nothing much

I went on a very long haitus. Lots of happy events have happened and I feel blessed.

I’m not ready to start blogging again yet, because I am thinking of having a revamp, and to settle my apartment-finding before focusing on writing.

I may not write so often even if I restart my engine,  as I have planned several personal projects for the next step of my life.

But reading this blog really brings back memories!

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Happiness is in the air

Jun 10, 2013 by
in Because love ♥, Life as it is

The month June has always been a happy one for me – on top of school holidays (as a student), it’s also the time to celebrate my birthday.

This year, 2013, is a very special year for me. And this June is the best June so far!

Even though I’m not travelling overseas this June and I’m also tied down by a lot of work and wedding preparations, this is a month of a lot of joy, happiness and contentment.

This June, I have:

♥ Tried on a big white dress for the first time in my life.

♥ Been to my own hen’s night, which was fabulous and made me feel so much loved and doted on by my lovely friends.

♥ Watched a movie which made me realise how lucky I am to be marrying the love of my life.

This June, I will be:

♥ Meeting up with some of my loveliest friends whom I don’t always meet up with.

♥ Having a birthday celebration with my fiancé before we become Mr and Mrs.

♥ Going to places in Singapore which I haven’t been to – River Safari, SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, etc.

♥ Getting married to the guy I always want to come home to.

I’m so thankful that I’m alive and healthy, so grateful that my grandparents had my parents and my parents brought me to the world. I’m so happy to know that my friends love me so much and I love them a lot too. I’m so content that life has been kind to me. I’m feeling so blessed that I have everything worth having in this world.

Thank you, for everything.

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Hello 2013, Goodbye 2012

Jan 12, 2013 by
in Life as it is

In a blink of the eye, it is now 2013. Wow. Time really flies as you grow older, isn’t it?

I haven’t been blogging – excuses being having writer’s block, being too busy spending my free time with those I love, going on holidays. But really, I haven’t been writing because I just simply don’t feel up to it. I want to record my life, so that I can read back years later, and appreciate everything that I have gone through. But I just don’t have the energy and the motivation to do it.

Maybe the start of the new year will be a good time to set my resolutions, as well as catch up with the writing on this blog -

{1} Sleep – I hope to sleep before midnight, and to achieve a healthy sleeping pattern with minimal oversleeping. Working weird hours in 2012 made me sleep at weird hours (2-3 am) and wake up at unhealthy timings (10-11 am). I hate this sluggish-ness, and I hope that both J and I can get some quality sleep hours (between 10-2 am) everyday!

{2} Eat – Eat better, that’s my resolution almost every year. I make baby steps improvement, so I hope to keep this up! I aim to eat more fresh veggies, fruits and yogurt / milk. Eating healthy makes me happy. :) Of course, I also hope that I can learn to whip up more delicious and healthy dishes, to prepare myself as a wife. :P

{3} Sweat – This year, I really need to exercise more. I aim to exercise at least twice a week, one time to focus on cardio, and the other to focus on toning. Regular exercise will not only make me slimmer, but also give me the much needed health!

{4} Work – I hope to be really committed to my students this year. There may be big decisions which may waver my commitment, but I still hope to see them all through till the end of this year.

{5} Write – In 2013, I hope to blog closer to the heart. I have already reduced my sponsorship posts as I want to make this blog more personal, something of greater substance to my own life. However, this space will still feature a couple of sponsored products once in a while.

{6} Love – This will be a huge year for us. I want to be able to love with all my heart, to be the one who will always be there for J, as well as all my other loved ones. I hope to treat each day as though it is the last, so that I can properly and truly cherish each and every moment with my loved ones.

{7} Discover – Last year has been wonderful. I went on a total of 6 holiday trips overseas, and also took a staycation in Singapore. I worked hard, and enjoyed hard. A true blue Hwa Chong-ian. This year, because of my commitments and J’s schedule, we wouldn’t be traveling as extensively. Hence, I hope that we can maximize our holidays by going to new places, so that we can continuing exploring new spaces and ideas!

{8} Zen – I know this will not be an easy year with huge changes in our lives, and the easily-stressed up me will feel very very pushed to the edge. I hope that I can learn to be more zen, to apply more relaxation techniques in my life. By sleeping, eating and exercising well, I know I will be able to manage stress better. As we are starting to get very into aromatherapy, I also hope to incorporate that more into our lives!

Hope that 2013 will be amazing!

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Jun Hui and Yi Jun’s wedding – 5 Oct 2012

Nov 9, 2012 by
in Because love ♥, Life as it is

Early last month was my cousin’s wedding, and it was held at Hotel Re!. It’s a beautiful wedding, a union of 2 lovebirds. Being part of the big family, we were all very happy and joyous that evening. Here are some of the photos taken that night.

My sista and I. Awesome makeup on her, right?

Photobooth! :D

My parents, sista and I

J, my sista and I

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Just a little romance

Nov 8, 2012 by
in Because love ♥, Footprints on earth, Life as it is

Sometimes, we just need a bit of reminder that we are cherished and loved.


We just got back from a 5-day vacation, and I am going to share the trip and some holy grail makeup soon!

Till then, enjoy life, for it’s NOVEMBER already!


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