Hong Kong – December 2012

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In December last year, I went with 2 of my very good girlfriends to Hong Kong! The last time I visited Hong Kong was almost a decade ago.

We were there for 4 days 3 nights and it was chilly, tiring but extremely yummy due to the good food we ate. I think I was kind of a wet blanket, as I was having backaches and kept insisting that we sit down to rest (and to play the Logo game).

In Hong Kong, we shopped non-stop. Or rather, XY and I did. ;) They said that I’m the one who always enters a shop and leaves with a new shopping bag. Oh well, I did buy some facial products to try out, and maybe some gifts here and there. Not that much, really. But even I myself couldn’t believe that I managed to buy an aromatherapy diffuser from the airport. That’s totally unexpected.

We ate famous Hong Kong dim sum (Tim Ho Wan; which is coming to Singapore) and roast goose (Yung Kee; which might close its doors soon). We also ate lots of delicious Hong Kong breakfast (think noodle soup, macaroni, toasts) and typical Hong Kong cafe meals (rice, dishes, milk tea). At Harbour City, we also ate Itacho Sushi, though we think Singapore’s outlets do it better.

We cam-whored non-stop, took the scary inclined tram up to Victoria’s Peak, sat on a ferry between islands and stayed in a nice little hotel (next to a cemetery) which provides free shuttle services to Times Square, a shopping haven.

We did sheet masks, lazed around and traded secrets.

It’s fun, and I think I need to have more trips with girlfriends! Good for the soul :)

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Korea – May/June 2012 – {Part 4}

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Wow. I can’t believe I am still on Korea after 5 months. That shows how busy I was from June till October! Anyway, this is likely to be my last post on Korea, because I have a lot of backlog posts to do, as well as the Phuket ones! *excited*

For our Korea trip, we only went to Seoul (first leg), and then Jeju Island (second leg). Our Jeju trip was short, but we were all pretty wow-ed over by that beautiful island.

Lovely sunset spotted! 

Flowers and harbour, and a perfect weather. What not to love?

Trendy clothes? ;)

The beautiful harbour just opposite the inn we stayed in.

On the first day, I think we went to the Teddy Bear Museum. It was… quite a let-down. Or perhaps we held high expectations? There’re many museums on Jeju-do, and I think they might fare better than this.  Read more…

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Of happiness

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I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I once did. It’s not because I have nothing to blog, but rather, too many things on hand that writing got pushed down my priority list.

It’s the time of the year when things get busy and heated. And then before you know it, it’s holiday season! I can’t wait. Will someone wake me up when September ends?

Despite the hectic schedule I have, life has managed to squeeze in some happiness.

We celebrated J’s 26th early this month. We didn’t do anything particularly special, but just hung out together and ate cake. Lots of cake, from obolo!

I also enjoyed time with my family and my little nephew. Moments at home are rare, and especially treasured by me.

Have also scheduled a facial treatment for myself this week, and a birthday celebration appointment with the Bestie on her birthday.

Very soon, life is going to be a breeze! Can’t wait.

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Korea – May/June 2012 – {Part 1}

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It has been a trip that says all about love at first sight.

I never did expect myself to love South Korea – I think of it like Taiwan, which isn’t high on my favourite-destinations list. I agreed on that trip because J likes it, and because the rest of our travel companions love it too. And there I go, a trip to the land of powerful electronics, beautiful skin and delicious bbq.

This post is just going to be on the cafes in South Korea – they are aplenty. They are everywhere, dotted especially close when you near a university district. They are varied, not just your usual Starbucks and what-have-you-chain-coffee-shops. They are my favourite place to chill on my own, while the rest continue their quest to buy home the entire Korea.

I don’t have a favourite, even though Krispy Kreme is a must-go, and Paris Baguette’s cheese souffle is a must-try. I don’t even have photos of all the cafes I have stepped into and all the food which I have ordered. But the cafe culture there is awesome. I just wish it could be the same in Singapore!

Here are some photos for memories-sake:

Paris Baguette. It’s going to open in Wisma Atria in Singapore, or has it already? It’s pastries are yummy – the cheese souffles are so good they sell out in the early afternoon everyday. I hunt them down every single day. Not much luck though. 

A very cute-sy cafe located just at the start of Cheonggyecheon Stream. I can’t remember the name, but it’s distinct with it’s cute teddy bears and line drawings. Artisee, if I am not wrong. I love their hot matcha latte. They also have yummy chocolate bars and macarons. 

This one here is a cafe in Jeju island, which is about a street or so behind our inn. I was sick with a stomach bug that day, so I woke up really late. J and I went out for brunch, as well as some fresh air, and we spotted this. Their sandwiches are yummy! There’s something with the vegetables in Korea – always so perfect, crispy and sweet. They also have cheese pretzels, which honestly, aren’t that great. They serve their tea in a ‘pissing’ pot, which amused bumpkins like us. 

Note to self: Time for another Korea trip to enjoy more cafes and chillax afternoons!

Read {Part 2} / Read {Part 3} / Read {Part 4}

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{Sponsored} Sentosa BBQ by the Beach

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Thanks to omy.sg and Sentosa, XY and I attended the media preview of the Sentosa BBQ by the Beach! Yes, a barbeque right on our very own Siloso Beach – that beach where we all used to go for class gatherings, playing beach volleyball and lazing around. It was a great night!

Part of the S)ngapore Food Festival 2012, and in conjunction with Sentosa’s 40th Anniversary, from 13 July to 22 July 2012, you can enjoy a scrumptious BBQ feast right on Siloso Beach.


Date: 13 to 22 July 2012
Time: 6pm till midnight (last order at 10.30pm%r9
Venue: Siloso Beach (between Coastes and Azzura Beach Club) – alight at the Beach Station
Price: $r9.90++ (Price includes $30 worth of vouchers,kredeemable for food and beverage items)

Sentosa usual admission charges apply.

Get tickets by:

- Calling 6279 1767
- Emailing exquisite_tastes@sentosa.com.sg  
- Purchasing at Sentosa Ticketing Counters 

The weather was great that day, so when we first arrived at Siloso, XY and I started looking for a good location t/ view the sunset. And it was AWESOME.

Imagine starting a romantic dinner with this be!utiful sunset, feels pretty good huh? :) I didn’t bring out my usual Lumix camera that day, so we were shooting using my new Samsung (a birthday gift from the bestie, which I will blog on in another entry).

We looked awesome, thanks to the lovely sunlight and the camera. Kudos to Korean cameras! ;)

The wind was very strong, so our hair was all messed up. Look at how radiant and perfect our skin looked! Mine was actually all red and pimply from the morning’s facial and hormones!

Anyway, it was a nice start to dinner.

The tables were set up near the beach and there’s a platform stretching out into the sea. Perfect spot to catch the evening’s breeze. I love how the sunset was casting such a lovely feel onto everything.  Read more…

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