Happiness is in the air

Jun 10, 2013 by
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The month June has always been a happy one for me – on top of school holidays (as a student), it’s also the time to celebrate my birthday.

This year, 2013, is a very special year for me. And this June is the best June so far!

Even though I’m not travelling overseas this June and I’m also tied down by a lot of work and wedding preparations, this is a month of a lot of joy, happiness and contentment.

This June, I have:

♥ Tried on a big white dress for the first time in my life.

♥ Been to my own hen’s night, which was fabulous and made me feel so much loved and doted on by my lovely friends.

♥ Watched a movie which made me realise how lucky I am to be marrying the love of my life.

This June, I will be:

♥ Meeting up with some of my loveliest friends whom I don’t always meet up with.

♥ Having a birthday celebration with my fiancé before we become Mr and Mrs.

♥ Going to places in Singapore which I haven’t been to – River Safari, SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, etc.

♥ Getting married to the guy I always want to come home to.

I’m so thankful that I’m alive and healthy, so grateful that my grandparents had my parents and my parents brought me to the world. I’m so happy to know that my friends love me so much and I love them a lot too. I’m so content that life has been kind to me. I’m feeling so blessed that I have everything worth having in this world.

Thank you, for everything.

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Phuket – November 2012

Mar 13, 2013 by
in Because love ♥, Footprints on earth

I have been neglecting this space, and lots of people have been asking me to update my blog. So, since I will be travelling for the first time this year in 2 days’ time, I thought I better post some memories of my previous trips late last year.

In early November last year, J and I went to Phuket for a holiday! It’s not our first time there, but we still managed to gather some new and exciting experiences. Here’s a gallery of some selected  photos:

We stayed in a resort which we have stayed in when we first visited Phuket. It’s clean, centralized and has a very Thai-resort feel, unlike typical hotel rooms. This time round, we ordered a lot of room service, simply because it’s delicious and cheap! Thai food is YUMS!

Our biggest splurge was a full day trip to Coral Island, but it’s super worth the price. The island is so beautiful and serene that we just wanted to stay there for longer. At Coral Island, we tried deep sea walking and parasailing. Deep sea walking involves wearing an astronaut-like helmet to enable you to sink and breathe in water. The fishes we saw were colourful and pretty, just how we imagined it. However, there were too many fishes, and they nibbled at our hands and legs, especially when we held our pieces of bread. It’s kind of scary if you don’t like to be that up-close to marine life. Parasailing was wonderful; I can’t wait to do it again at another location. Initially, while queuing up for it, I was pretty apprehensive as I saw some people being dragged in the sand by the motorboats. Ouch. I was also worried that my technique for landing isn’t good, and I will somehow get cuts and scratches. But whee! My experience was perfect! It’s definitely a less dangerous experience than sky diving, and the view of Coral Island from the parachute was awesome. A top-of-the-world feel.

We also went shopping in Phuket, at the Central Mall and Tesco. The mall was pretty normal, but we ate at Fuji Japanese Restaurant – a cheap Japanese food place. I also bought some body products like massage oil and natural soaps from the mall. Tesco, on the other hand, was a place we found bargains. However, we didn’t manage to find the very soft tees which we bought a couple of years ago. We also bought an insane amount of KFC back to the resort! *Taxis were super hard to get at Tesco, so it’s recommended that you arrange with your resort.*

On other days, we also indulged in massages (went for 2) and lazy swims in the resort’s pool. We watched tv, soaked in the big tub, and drank wine. We also walked around the Kata region and ventured to great and affordable restaurants, such as Two Chefs (at Kata Centre). We also made reservations at the highly recommended Boat House, but unfortunately, we were too tired and lazy to actually go there for a nice dinner. Perhaps the next time!

It’s a super relaxing trip, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely with very little money spent! Phuket really has lots of hidden gems and treasures just waiting to be discovered.

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Dec 12, 2012 by
in Because love ♥

Last night, J and I were talking about the special date 12-12-12.

A long time ago, we thought we would be registering our marriage on this date, and then have a huge Chinese banquet on 01-03-14. (Read date 1-3-14 in Mandarin.) 

We got engaged in early March this year, and I guessed we could have followed the plans to register today. But well, somehow, we got carried away by life. This has been a quick year for us, but also a big one. We just didn’t have the time and energy to plan for a ROM.

So now, we would only be getting married next year, in June. It’s going to be a small and private affair, even though we have been increasing the table-count bit by bit.

Will we regret not sticking with the 12-12-12 and 01-03-14 dates? I doubt so.

Because we know that we would be just as happy, and just as xin fu.

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Sandy feet, happy hearts

Nov 20, 2012 by
in Because love ♥, Footprints on earth

I’m currently missing my most recent holiday to Phuket, Thailand.

It was wonderful strolling the streets with J, trying out different restaurants and attempting to bargain with cabbies.

But most of all, I’m missing the time under the sun, soaking it up and then worrying about getting a sun burn.


Oh, those carefree moments by the beach. Miss you so.

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Jun Hui and Yi Jun’s wedding – 5 Oct 2012

Nov 9, 2012 by
in Because love ♥, Life as it is

Early last month was my cousin’s wedding, and it was held at Hotel Re!. It’s a beautiful wedding, a union of 2 lovebirds. Being part of the big family, we were all very happy and joyous that evening. Here are some of the photos taken that night.

My sista and I. Awesome makeup on her, right?

Photobooth! :D

My parents, sista and I

J, my sista and I

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