Who’s kailinggg?

Thanks for visiting my site. This page will be a short brief about me, the face behind kailinggg.com.

Nothing special, I am just the other ordinary girl you see on the street. Like many, I sing off the tune and I dance with the not-so-cool moves, but I love singing and dancing with my friends. They call me a bookworm, although the books which I love are typically fiction. Non-fiction can bore me to sleep. I need to sleep a lot, that’s the only time I am really in my dream world! Oh, I do have many dreams and ideals, for example, I believe that romance and true love exist. (That might be because I have found mine.) I believe in the good in mankind and I really do wish that there IS world peace. But hey, I am no air head. I am not a cynic really, but I do get skeptical at times. Talk to me about food, and I will ramble non-stop. We live to eat, don’t we? Life is never smooth-sailing, and definitely never predictable. Hence, it’s always important to carry the secret remedy with us on the journey of life – laughter. Giggle when the situation is funny, and never be afraid to laugh at yourself. Also, surround yourself with your family and dearest friends. They keep you warm and shine you a light in the coldest of nights. For myself, I also write and shoot. I like to share my passions and the colours in my life. That’s the reason for the existence of this blog.

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Cheers (: