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Jun 10, 2013 by
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The month June has always been a happy one for me – on top of school holidays (as a student), it’s also the time to celebrate my birthday.

This year, 2013, is a very special year for me. And this June is the best June so far!

Even though I’m not travelling overseas this June and I’m also tied down by a lot of work and wedding preparations, this is a month of a lot of joy, happiness and contentment.

This June, I have:

♥ Tried on a big white dress for the first time in my life.

♥ Been to my own hen’s night, which was fabulous and made me feel so much loved and doted on by my lovely friends.

♥ Watched a movie which made me realise how lucky I am to be marrying the love of my life.

This June, I will be:

♥ Meeting up with some of my loveliest friends whom I don’t always meet up with.

♥ Having a birthday celebration with my fiancé before we become Mr and Mrs.

♥ Going to places in Singapore which I haven’t been to – River Safari, SEA Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, etc.

♥ Getting married to the guy I always want to come home to.

I’m so thankful that I’m alive and healthy, so grateful that my grandparents had my parents and my parents brought me to the world. I’m so happy to know that my friends love me so much and I love them a lot too. I’m so content that life has been kind to me. I’m feeling so blessed that I have everything worth having in this world.

Thank you, for everything.

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  1. yee chwan

    thank u for inviting me to your wedding!

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