Hong Kong – December 2012

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In December last year, I went with 2 of my very good girlfriends to Hong Kong! The last time I visited Hong Kong was almost a decade ago.

We were there for 4 days 3 nights and it was chilly, tiring but extremely yummy due to the good food we ate. I think I was kind of a wet blanket, as I was having backaches and kept insisting that we sit down to rest (and to play the Logo game).

In Hong Kong, we shopped non-stop. Or rather, XY and I did. ;) They said that I’m the one who always enters a shop and leaves with a new shopping bag. Oh well, I did buy some facial products to try out, and maybe some gifts here and there. Not that much, really. But even I myself couldn’t believe that I managed to buy an aromatherapy diffuser from the airport. That’s totally unexpected.

We ate famous Hong Kong dim sum (Tim Ho Wan; which is coming to Singapore) and roast goose (Yung Kee; which might close its doors soon). We also ate lots of delicious Hong Kong breakfast (think noodle soup, macaroni, toasts) and typical Hong Kong cafe meals (rice, dishes, milk tea). At Harbour City, we also ate Itacho Sushi, though we think Singapore’s outlets do it better.

We cam-whored non-stop, took the scary inclined tram up to Victoria’s Peak, sat on a ferry between islands and stayed in a nice little hotel (next to a cemetery) which provides free shuttle services to Times Square, a shopping haven.

We did sheet masks, lazed around and traded secrets.

It’s fun, and I think I need to have more trips with girlfriends! Good for the soul :)

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