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Last night, J and I were talking about the special date 12-12-12.

A long time ago, we thought we would be registering our marriage on this date, and then have a huge Chinese banquet on 01-03-14. (Read date 1-3-14 in Mandarin.) 

We got engaged in early March this year, and I guessed we could have followed the plans to register today. But well, somehow, we got carried away by life. This has been a quick year for us, but also a big one. We just didn’t have the time and energy to plan for a ROM.

So now, we would only be getting married next year, in June. It’s going to be a small and private affair, even though we have been increasing the table-count bit by bit.

Will we regret not sticking with the 12-12-12 and 01-03-14 dates? I doubt so.

Because we know that we would be just as happy, and just as xin fu.

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