Korea – May/June 2012 – {Part 4}

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Wow. I can’t believe I am still on Korea after 5 months. That shows how busy I was from June till October! Anyway, this is likely to be my last post on Korea, because I have a lot of backlog posts to do, as well as the Phuket ones! *excited*

For our Korea trip, we only went to Seoul (first leg), and then Jeju Island (second leg). Our Jeju trip was short, but we were all pretty wow-ed over by that beautiful island.

Lovely sunset spotted! 

Flowers and harbour, and a perfect weather. What not to love?

Trendy clothes? ;)

The beautiful harbour just opposite the inn we stayed in.

On the first day, I think we went to the Teddy Bear Museum. It was… quite a let-down. Or perhaps we held high expectations? There’re many museums on Jeju-do, and I think they might fare better than this. 

Outside the museum.

Tiny us! 

Travel buddies :)

Cute elephant in the TEDDY museum! LOVE!

The scary bear. It was moved by the staff, and we thought it walked on its own!

Lots of photo opportunities in the museum. 

I remember getting stomach cramps there on the second day, so J and I didn’t get to really explore the place. Instead,  we only did some trekking near our inn (there’s a famous waterfall there).

We needed to walk through this park to get to the waterfall. 

It’s beautiful.

Spot aunty me!

Ponds, wildlife, it’s wonderful. 

Fatty bird spotted! Penguin’s relative. 

After a long walk, we manage to see the waterfall from a high view.

Like a secret enclave!

We continued walking, and eventually, we reached the bottom of the fall. It’s filled with tourists, unlike the quiet and serene park.

Looking pale.

Mr J.


And again.

In Jeju-do, we also ate some very good food. We ate black pig, egg in a pot, BBQ, and you-name-it. Now that I think of it, I miss the Korean BBQ a lot!

A table filled with yummy food. Sides are free-flow!

Hot favourite – egg in a pot!

Doggy outside the restaurant. 

We don’t know if it bites. But it sure is handsome!

Travel buddies in the restaurant recommended by our inn’s hostess. 

Some other memorable places in Seoul:

Cheonggyecheon Stream – romantic place for an after-dinner stroll

The start of the stream. 

Can you spot the 5 of us?

Our travel mates yet again! 

Gyeongbok Palace – huge palace ground with some performances and lots of cute squirrels

Lovely backdrop! 

Dong Dae Mun – the cheap shopping district which never sleeps

Some historical site at Dong Dae Mun. Lovely shot, isn’t it?

N Seoul Tower – viewpoint; lovely city lights

Looking out towards Singapore! 

Ewha Women’s University – daebak university, which is like a dreamland; great shopping nearby

Stone-bricked college. Wow-ed!

Hello Kitty Cafe! – my home? :P


Too cute to be consumed…

A girl’s dream house. 

The Hello Kitty Cafe (near Hongik University?)

Pretty sight.

Even airplanes have the famous cat now! 

DMZ – walk the tunnel and try to peer into North Korea

Too bad the rail is not in use anymore. 

To sum it up, Korea is daebak. I didn’t go with expectations (in fact, I thought I would hate it), and so, I was very very surprised by it. I fell in love with this country. It’s going to be one of my ‘let’s go again’ country. Hopefully, I can travel there with family, because I think my mum and dad will LOVE Jeju-do.

Oh, and did I mention that I am so hooked onto Running Man again?

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