I went to Batam for a weekend get-away

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Things have been busy in my life. J and I hardly spent time during the Valentine’s Day week, with him flying overseas for business and then me scooting away for a weekend with my uni friends.

This blog has been empty, so I am here to update it!

I am recommending the Batam hotel which we have stayed in – Harmoni One Convention Hotel, or otherwise known as Harmoni One. We booked this trip through a deal site, and the girls (MF, YN and I) totally relied on Cres to settle everything. We did no research on the hotel and based it purely on trust of word-of-mouth.

There were hic-cups – massage at a parlour instead of a spa, a seafood lunch which wasn’t that great a spread and too short a shopping time at Nagoya but too much time at tourist traps. I lowered my expectations for Harmoni One, for isn’t is only #6 on TripAdvisor when Harris (which isn’t that awesome) is on #1.

But we were blown away. It’s not a resort, but a huge and spanking new hotel. Very grand facade, somewhat Greek-styled. Things were clean and free mini-bar was provided (2 cans of drink), and security seemed tight – you needed card access for lifts. The bathtub was huge and the bathroom clean. Hot water ran consistently and in high power.

We had dim sum buffet breakfast as our complimentary breakfast – a highlight but also a letdown if you were craving for eggs and bacon. They only have dim sum on Sunday mornings.

It was so pleasant a stay, coupled with card games, food, A&W and more food, that I decided to book it again for my other friends. This weekend.

So, yea, I am going to be away again! It’s more of a trip for the guys to totally relax and get away from emails and the stressful pace of life. We will be going to a proper spa for massage (I hope!) and indulging in lots and lots of A&W fried chicken and curly fries again.

I can’t wait for this week to be over.

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  1. Batam is a great place for a holiday though its been so long ago I have been here.

  2. Batam indeed is a great place for weekends getaway, there are also many great hotels which are new and clean like i Hotel located besides Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall. That area is like Batam’s “Orchard Road”. (^_^)

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