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Next week will mark our 4.5 years together. Seems quite long to many people around us, I know. But honestly, other than feeling that I have known him forever, I don’t feel like we have been together for 4.5 years. It shocks me, you know? We still have those moments of too-much-sweetness, just like a new couple. I find it hard to conceive that we have actually spent 4.5 years of our lives together. And with together, I mean together, like spending almost all our free time together.

But when I concentrate and think back, I realize, wow, we have been through a lot together. 

We are so close, and I know there are friends who see us as ‘the couple who will never break up’. It’s a compliment, but just so you know, it’s also a burden sometimes.

There are those benchmarks set by society which we are being measured against all the time, especially now. It gets so tiring.

“Why still never get engaged?”

“Have you applied for HDB?”

“When are you both getting married? Together for so long already…”

“What are you all waiting for?”

“Is he the one?”

Let me answer all your questions, yea?

Just because we have been together for a long time, and because we are both working now do not mean that we must apply for a house or get engaged now. Him not proposing and us not applying for a house do not mean that we are not that into each other, or that we don’t love each other as much as those couples who are doing so. Or that we aren’t as ready, or what not.

We are not engaged because he hasn’t proposed. My boy is Mr. Blur. He doesn’t even know the difference between an engagement and a ROM. I have given up hope on ‘educating’ him about this, because frankly, does it matter so long as he loves me everyday with his fullest heart? I don’t mind just signing on the paper and being pronounced as man and wife, without all the parties and banquets. In fact, my close friends know that this is what I prefer. But anyway, we have already decided to commit to each other when we both agreed to pack and leave for Bangkok together. (Obviously, that didn’t work out. We faced visa issues, but we are now thankful for it, because of the insane flooding there.)

If you really do want to know, we have been considering applying for HDB since a long time ago. But the locations all suck. Now, we have decided to apply together with our close friends, and that would mean that 2 couples need to agree with location and budget. So it will naturally take longer, right? But think of the fun we will have, and the companionship we will share! We almost did want to look at the showflats for the EC in Segar, but then the 4 of us thought that it would be too financially heavy on us. We rather have a bit more cash for the other things in life.

Frankly, house before proposal is very unromantic to me. It’s like you know it’s going to happen. Even though it can’t really be helped in this property-scarce city, I don’t mind if he actually proposes before we apply for a flat together. Let’s enjoy each phase slowly instead of compacting them together. = D

Love is not a race. It’s never meant to be a competition.

Stop guessing what’s going on in our relationship. You can just ask me directly. I have all the time in the world to talk to you.

And I know half of you will be all empathizing and nice, while the other half will be sarcastic. To each his/her own. Cheers and have a good weekend!

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  1. Yew Wan Ling

    staying near to ur close frens is really nice.. just like me n zh being neighbors with sy n sa.. i enjoy it so much..

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