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Today, I am going to review Laneige’s Pore Deep Clearning Foam. I got this together with my other Laneige’s products, and you can read about the Water Sleeping Pack_EX here.

I have a pore problem. I am absolutely obsessed over my huge pores on my T-zone. I have tried many products in an attempt to shrink them. Obviously, most don’t work and I have given up on trying to make my face entirely pore-less.

Instead, I now focus on keeping my skin clean, so as to minimize dirt and blackheads which aggravate my pore problems. Cleaner face and pores mean less visible pores too.

My regular facial cleanser is very mild, and hence, my face doesn’t get very clean after washes. As a result, I will see my pores enlarging and blackheads appearing after about 2-3 weeks after my monthly facial appointment. It’s horrible.

So, I decided to get a facial foam that targets pores. And since I could get Laneige at a cheaper price, I did not bother to research further – just buy lah.

I don’t think it is a highly raved product. It is definitely not one of Laneige’s superstar products. But it seems to be working fine for me but  to know my love-hate relationship with it, 

The first time after I used it, the skin on my nose peeled! It wasn’t really that bad, but I was shocked at how drying it is! I just slapped on more moisturizer to hydrate my poor nose. The second time I used it, my nose peeled again, albeit with less intensity. I was like “this is such a waste of my money, because I shan’t use it again!”

Thankfully, I gave it a third go. Surprising, my nose stopped peeling. Perhaps all the dead skin on my nose already peeled away? I have been using it regularly, once a day, since then. I don’t want to use it both day and night, in case it’s too drying. So far, my face remains clean, and my pores are still the same size as after my facial, and they might just be a wee bit smaller! : D

You are supposed to lather it up with some water before using it on your face, just like most cleansers. The foam is quite thick and creamy, so it gets onto the face easily, and also cleanses deep and well. I don’t use a lot of it at one go, because it will have a bit of the ‘squeaky clean’ feeling which I hate. So, I only use about a 1cm-sized instead of the recommended 3cm. The product is fragranced, and it smells really nice and fresh! I find myself enjoying the cleansing process because of the lovely scent!

Oh, and it really does help with sebum secretion as promised on the website, because I find myself blotting less when I use my normal BB cream. I wasn’t expecting that, so it’s a bonus, I guess.

Will I buy it again? Yes, but only if I don’t find a better cleansing foam for my pores!

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