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Oct 9, 2011 by
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I have not been updating this space as much as I want, and that’s because I have been sick, and I am having writer’s block!

J told me to look out of my windows for inspiration, but nope, I wasn’t inspired. No stars in the sky, and definitely no moon. But the lights were quite pretty and I took this very blurry shot of the night scene from my windows. I definitely have photography block too. 

Anyway, let me share my top 10 fears/irritations/dilemmas on public buses:

1. The person sitting next to you starts talking/grumbling/singing, to himself.

2. You are alone on a bus (with the bus driver) at night, and you hear singing.

3. The bus is very packed. The person squeezing next to you is sweaty, sticky, and smelly.

4. It starts raining heavily somewhere along the journey. Water starts dripping out of the aircon, onto you. And there isn’t any other seat/space to stand.

5. There is a person in the bus asking around for a light (for his cigarette).

6. You have a headache, and are trying to take a nap on the bus. But this group of passengers just can’t stop talking, loudly.

7. You are sitting on the inside seat. Suddenly, you see a huge cockroach/insect next to you, but you have no space to move.

8. At a certain stop, you see a passenger coming on board. She looks pregnant, but there’s a high chance she isn’t. You want to give up your seat, but are afraid that she really isn’t pregnant, and gets offended by your gesture.

9. The passenger next to you is asleep. He keeps leaning towards you. And then, his head rests on your shoulder.

10. You are in a rush to get to somewhere. The bus breaks down.

By the way, I have encountered most of the above before. I must also add that I really do like to take public transport, because I get to observe more, and discover strange/funny things in life.

Share with me some of your encounters on public buses! =P

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