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I have read very good reviews online about the Laneige’s Water Sleeping Pack_EX, and friends who are using it also told me the wonders of this night mask. It costs $45 in Singapore, and even though I want to try it badly, I decided that it was too expensive, since I don’t exactly have very dry skin, and I already have tons of face moisturizers.

It remained on my mind, and at last, I found a good opportunity to purchase it. (There are a lot of dot-coms selling Korean products at a price lower than the Singapore retail stores, but I am always careful with my facial products, and only like to purchase them over the counters, through the brand’s website or through department stores’ websites.)

An uncle of mine was travelling to Korea for business, and so, I quickly decided to ask him to grab some Laneige products for me. Like other Korean brands such as Face Shop, Skin Food and Tony Moly, Laneige is much cheaper on home ground.

I was so happy with my loot! 6 products for less than SGD200, and a lot of free samples too. 

The Water Sleeping Pack_EX is the highlight of my purchases. It is a gel mask (not moisturizer) that you apply onto your face and neck areas before you sleep. You do not wash it off until the next morning. It promises to have you wake up to hydrated, brightened and revitalized skin.

I like the texture of the mask – it is a light gel, so it gets absorbed into my skin after about 30 minutes, meaning I can sleep without a sticky face. Having said that, I must also say that it gives me this weird sheen on my face, but that will be gone when I wake up. (I wonder if that’s because the product gets onto my pillow or is actually all absorbed by my skin.) Laneige’s products which come in jars always have an additional spatula, which I like, because it reduces product contamination. 

And yes, it delivers the promises made. My skin is hydrated and brightened in the morning and is oh-so-soft to touch. It hydrates more than it brightens for me though.

The gel is scented with a patented compound Sleepscent, which contains essential oils that help in relaxation, and hence, a good sleep. I am not sure how effective this scent is, because I pretty much knock-out every time I sleep.

You are also supposed to do this funny relaxation massage routine before applying the product, but I skip that, and it works just fine. By the way, I continue using my regular gel moisturizer at night, before applying the Water Sleeping Pack_EX.

The recommended usage is once or twice a week, but I have heard people using it more often, or daily. I personally tried using it 3 days in a row, and there weren’t any nasty outbreaks or oiliness. The only bad thing I can think of is that you will be pampering your skin too much, and it may become dependent on the product.

I highly recommend this product. As mentioned, it will be $45 in Singapore, but you can find it much cheaper in Korea, Hong Kong and in airports. I think the cheapest will be at the airports in Korea!

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