Chalet at Changi

Sep 30, 2011 by
in Life as it is

I spent last weekend celebrating 2 of my cousins’ birthdays at the SAF Changi Seaview Resort. My cousins are lucky, because their uncle is a general in the army, and he managed to book the more exclusive, and very huge and comfortable bungalow. There are only 2 of such bungalows, and he booked them both. They shared a huge private outdoor area, complete with Balinese-style pavilions, swings and sun beds overlooking the sea.

As for me, I enjoyed the proximity to nature. I loved hearing the birds singing, the insects chirping and the sea crashing onto the shore. Every morning, I woke up rejuvenated and excited to capture more images into my head, the little flowers, the bugs and all signs of life. And every night, I fell asleep relaxed and at peace with life in general.

Such memories, they last a lifetime.

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