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Sep 15, 2011 by
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A few days ago, I enjoyed some me-time at Anchorpoint while waiting for J to knock off. Because I have the tcc member card, and they have new items on their menu, I decided to spend my time there.

I ordered their Prawn Cheese-a-Toast and their new Peach Lime Iced tea.

It was a delightful afternoon spent, with some yummy food, a bit of cam-whoring and some blog-editing. The interior design of the tcc outlet in Anchorpoint is very cute, with a lot of french-window mirrors and lamp posts.

Isn’t it great to go out alone and enjoy some solitude once in a while? 

The iced tea tastes almost like Sex on the Beach cocktail! Sweet and peachy yet also zesty because of the limes. There are lime peel, nata de coco and peach bits in the drink too. The prawn toast is one of my favourite snacks there, enough to make a light meal if you don’t eat a lot like me! Surely much healthier (but pricer) than the one from Thai Express.

In the past, going to tcc and simply enjoying a drink and some bites was quite normal for me, but from now on, it’s going to be a treat. We need to save up to get a nicer house, and be neighbours with Jason and Jacq. I wonder which one of us will suffer the most from the budgeting and scrimping! I am already feeling the pain from cutting down on my blog-shopping. : P

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  1. J

    hahaha so you have been a glutton again lol! never talk about you buying new shoe?

    • kailinggg

      I am craving food from tcc again! especially the seafood aglio olio.. :(
      should have eaten the little mushroom puffs the other day..

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