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I am very excited to write about the Beautyblender sponge! It seems hugely raved about everywhere, and a must-have in every makeup kit.

Initially, I wanted to purchase mine online because it did not retail in Singapore, but recently I found out that BHG now retails it, and I got my sponges about a month ago there – about $35 or so (I can’t recall now) for 2. If you buy one, it is around $25. (By the way, BHG Bugis and Clementi has this aLT beauty section with a lot of imported beauty items, like OPI and steam cream, and some other brands which you cannot find elsewhere in Singapore. The bulk of the items are from Japan, Korean and Taiwan.) 

The Beautyblender is a hot pink, teardrop shaped makeup sponge developed by Rea Ann Silva, a Hollywood makeup artist. It is supposed to help everyone, including amateurs like us, create flawless complexions by building a professional finish, hence making makeup seems invisible/undetectable. The suede texture of the sponge is also supposed to make it smooth against the skin and to limit product wastage. It is also “latex free, non-allergenic and odor free”.

To create the flawless blend of makeup, you are supposed to use the Beautyblender in a stippling manner- bouncing it on your face. The sharper tip can be used to touch up on the hard-to-reach areas, like those around the nose. You can use the sponge for almost all sorts of makeup- foundation, blusher, concealer, etc. Personally, I think it works best with cream or liquid makeup. I use it with my Clinique BB cream and my MAC creme blush most often. It can also be used damp, and this helps to make powder eyeshadow colours pop out.

Prior to owning the Beautyblender, I normally use my fingers or cheap makeup sponges from Daiso for my base makeup (primer/liquid foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer, whichever I am using that day). Fingers are better for blending because of the warmth, but makeup sponges are more hygienic and build up coverage more easily. It’s difficult to make the base undetectable, unless I use just a little bit of it, and sometimes, there will be streaks and unevenness, which are really frustrating when you are in a rush.

Using the Beautyblender, I take a longer time to put on my makeup base, but it is definitely more natural looking when I am done. It takes a bit of practice to know how much product to place on the sponge before stippling. But the effect is good, though not 100% flawless and professional looking. Maybe with more practice and patience, the look will be better? Also, I haven’t used it with my liquid foundation yet, because I haven’t got the chance to attend anything which requires foundation, so perhaps the flawless skin look can be achieved with a proper foundation. After all, foundation offers better coverage than BB creams and primers-used-alone.

What I like best about the sponge is that it does not absorb a crazy amount of my product, unlike cheap sponges from Daiso or Watsons. It saves money in the long run! Also, because it is not a sucker, it’s very easy to clean. Technically, you are supposed to use the Beautyblender special cleanser, but I am such a cheapo, so I just use soap and tepid water. It manages to wash off all excess products on the sponge, so it looks as good as new. The sponge will grow to about double its normal size when wet, very very cute! Scroll back up to the photo, and you can see a dry, normal-sized sponge and a fat, just-drying sponge. However, I heard that over time, if you do regular washing, the sponge will fade in colour. But it will not affect the performance. 

If you have sensitive skin like me, you will like its claim for being “latex free, non-allergenic and odor free”. I suggest buying them in twins, so when you have one that is just washed and still wet, you have another to use. Do not use the hairdryer to dry the wet sponges. They are not supposed to be in contact with any extreme heat!

I hope you will like the sponges as much as I do. Comparable alternatives include the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge (available on Target’s website), Sephora’s Precision Sponge (available at Sephora stores and online) and even the NatureLab Tofu Makeup Sponges (available at BHG aLT and selected Watsons stores). 

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