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Today is September 11, 2011. The date of September 11 will always be in my memories, not only because of the terrorist attacks in the States a decade ago, but because of what nearly happened to J and I 4 years ago.

Perhaps I can remember it because of the significance of the date, but maybe I can remember it simply because of the lesson we have learnt. Not many people know about this, but now that it has been quite some time ago, I feel very comfortable about sharing this.

This is us, 4 years ago, in 2007.

We got together on April 22, 2007, after only knowing each other for 3 weeks, and having spent time together for 2 weeks. You can say it is almost like a whirlwind romance. It was a very happy honeymoon period once we got together.

A couple of months later, we started college. He in engineering school, and me in accountancy school; he stayed in Hall 15, while I was in Hall 9. Things started to get so tough between us. The exciting experiences, new friends, and school commitments were overwhelming. We were starting to drift apart. It’s so difficult communicating when both of us have got so much going on in our lives. It’s also difficult to stay committed in the relationship.

We decided that we should call it a day on 11 Sept 2007 – we needed space and time to breathe and to lead our own lives. I recall myself feeling numbed, and my boy feeling so sad.

The very next day, we both woke up feeling not that great. Something in us went missing overnight. We both decided that getting out of the relationship was a mistake. Hence, after classes, we met up. We wanted to give ourselves another chance, and to incorporate ‘new-ness’ into our relationship to make it on par with what’s happening with our worlds. So, we simply started out again. No holding hands, no kissing, no hugs, as though we were a brand new couple.

It all lasted for a grand total of half a day.

That’s us in 2008.

But it did us good. It brought a new perspective into us and kept our love going.

And the rest, they say, is history.

It has been 4 years since, and we are definitely heading towards somewhere bright and lovely. To tell the truth, the journey hasn’t been smooth sailing- we experienced the same turbulence as every other couple. But our experience taught us to cherish and to hold on, because we are that great together.

Us in 2009. 

4 years on, and I still believe in love at the first sight. We fell at the first sight, didn’t we? But I also learned that the passionate, crazy, head-over-heels love at the first sight is not enough to sustain a relationship in the long run. There’s only that much novelty in the new someone. A committed relationship takes a lot of work. There’s acceptance, give-and-take, selflessness and lots and lots of cuddling.

And so now, I am a believer in true love. You can find that one true love, as long as you open up your heart to it.

Hello to us in 2010. 

See how we are growing with each other? One day, I am going to post up photos of us when we are in our fifties, and then perhaps when we are in our eighties. : )

Us in 2011. 

Love and loving you always.

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  1. yahting

    hahah can see ur different hairstyles over the years. i like the 2009 one :D

  2. feL

    love is a verb(:


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