My sista’s happiest day

Sep 7, 2011 by
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I am just going to add some jot-downs about the beautiful day. Everyone says a sister is a girl’s best friend, and my sister definitely is. It has been only less than 3 months, but I am already missing my sista a lot, even though she does come home quite often for dinners and visits.

18 June 2011 – a day filled with memories that make me want to snuggle down in bed and smile. It has been perfect, from the morning ‘pick-the-bride’, photo shoots and tea ceremony, the afternoon rush of putting on gowns and makeup and the evening of vows, laughter and great food. 

Here is a shot of the sisters at chinese garden. See the absolute happiness in every single face? And the radiant bride – she looks so gorgeous that day! I am glad that the bride-zilla in her has decided to take a off-day on her wedding.

This is one of my favourite photos. See the bride looking at her groom? I wonder what sort of eye glances they have been exchanging. Perhaps they are just grinning at each other in a silly i-am-not-thinking-of-anything-else way, or maybe they are smirking at each other, laughing at how they are ordered by the wedding-day photographer into different positions.

And look at this cute boy here, playing his favourite Angry Birds game. That’s Rui Jie, the son of my brother-in-law’s friend. He is so adorable that I wanted to bring him home that day. Hopefully, my sista will have some cute kids of her own for me to play with!

Many people plan for the wedding, but forget about the marriage.

But I am sure that my dearest sister and her husband will have a very blissful marriage.

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  1. junjie

    haha i miss that cutie boy ruijie!

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